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I have devoted my career to serving the Haywood County, North Carolina real estate needs of people just like you.

Are you looking for a way to sell without paying high commission fees? If so, let me show you how Sellers Choices can help save you thousands of dollars with a flat fee MLS listing!



Shared responsibility Shared Success

Sellers choices believes that people make the difference. Everything we do, we approach in the spirit of our values.

We feel that the entrepreneurial spirit is a gift and we encourage it at all levels of our organization – It’s in this spirit we believe we can find and deliver the best deals and make winners of all parties.

We believe in the golden rule: “treat others as you would like to be treated”. In this environment, we can excel without  without fear. We work hard to empower and respect our colleagues and clients.

Honesty and fairness are essential to our success, and we truly love the business. We hope that individual growth is inspired and with it the best people become a part of the organization.

People always come first

Making real estate make sense

For over 20 years, we’ve believed in the seller and the Seller’s Choice. A Realty Service is only as good as it’s reputation, which we’ve built by making sure our clients understand every aspect of our process. We’re proud of our ability to listen and communicate. When you live, work and play in the same neighborhoods, it allows you greater insight and nuance in communication. have a look at our values in the about us section

Financing. Do the Numbers Work for You?

We accommodate people looking to refinance an existing mortgage and first-time home buyers, with the same respect that we’d show to our family members.

We’ll keep the application process quick and easy! Our team of loan processors are experienced and committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. We’ll guide you through the process with a steady hand.

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